Canadian Virtual & Remote Reception

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    Full-Time Reception Service
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    Back-up, Overflow and Part-Time Reception Service
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    Appointment Setting Service (great for Health & Professional Services)

Full Time

Reception Coverage

It matters if you have a live person answering your phone or not. Don’t lose potential new business to competitors by letting calls go un-answered. Smiledog’s full-time virtual receptionist service ensures all your calls during regular business hours are answered live.

Backup Reception


Don’t let calls go to voicemail when your in-house receptionist is on lunch break or away for vacation. Enlist Smiledog’s backup reception service to ensure every incoming call is answered live during regular business hours.

Appointment Setting


Keep your appointment book full by having Smiledog answer incoming calls live and book appointments with your clients and patients. We work with an array of web based calendars to make the process seamless for you and your clients.

Smiledog Your Receptionist

It may seem like a small thing, but having a professional receptionist promptly and politely answer your phone creates a professional corporate image and says you care and are ready for business. A virtual receptionist is so much more than just an answering service.

Smiledog Virtual Receptionist Service is perfect for:

  • growing businesses that may not be ready for the added overhead of office staff;
  • professionals that work at home or on the road and do not want to miss important calls;
  • larger companies that have a receptionist but need a back up and understand the value of excellent customer service and the difference a missed call can make to their business.

Smiledog Benefits:

  • You will never miss an important phone call or sales opportunity due to a busy signal or voicemail.
  • Our virtual receptionists book appointments and schedule your calendar.
  • We deliver all your messages and faxes to you no matter where you are in the world.
  • We never need a lunch break, vacation or a sick day.
  • Whether you use Smiledog full time, to handle overflow calls, or simply as a back up, you only pay for the services that you need.

Our Services

"Your Receptionist" Full Time Coverage

Backup Reception

Appointment Setting

Additional Services

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