Book More Appointments & Earn More Revenue by Outsourcing Client Appointment Booking to a Virtual Receptionist

Missing out on potential appointment bookings because you can’t get to the phone in time can mean a lot of lost revenue by month’s end.

Worse, if it’s a new client calling to book in it’s not just this month’s revenue you lose but all the future revenue from that client as well.

What about voicemail? I can just call them back when they leave a message.

In our instant gratification society, people rarely leave voicemails anymore. Folks are more likely to find another provider and call them instead.


Deep down it’s because we don’t believe we’ll get a callback.

How can you fix this problem in your business?

It’s impossible to answer EVERY SINGLE call, even if you have a full-time receptionist in-house. So what’s the solution?

KEY TAKEAWAY: First-time callers leave voice messages less than 50% of the time and it’s inevitable that you will miss some calls, even with in-house reception staff.

Outsource your Appointment Booking

Thanks to popular online booking and scheduling applications such as MindBody Online, Cliniko, Acuity Scheduling and more it’s possible to outsource your appointment booking to a virtual reception service.

Popular Online Booking Applications

  • Cliniko
  • MindBody
  • Jane
  • Setmore
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Genbook
  • Book Fresh

Because these scheduling apps are in the cloud a virtual receptionist can be granted access to book in new appointments. Since your entire business schedule is managed all from the same app you can rest assured that you won’t ever be double booked.

Virtual Reception Handles Inbound Callers

How does your virtual receptionist know what to say when someone calls?

When you work with a virtual reception service you’re given a unique virtual phone number that is only associated with your business. When calls come in via this number your virtual receptionists know it’s for your business.

Software associates the incoming phone call to your unique number with a customized screen and specific details about your business.

Details your Virtual Receptionist has when Answering Calls

  • Business name
  • Greeting you would like announced to the caller (e.g. Thank you for calling Acme Chiro Clinic how can I help you?)
  • Staff names, phone numbers, and emails
  • Direct access to your online scheduling calendar

Your receptionist can connect the caller directly to you or a staff member, take a message and send it along via email or book the caller an appointment right on your calendar.

Sounds Great, probably Expensive Right?

Not as much as you might think. Appointment booking services can start as low as $10 bucks a day*. Not bad when you compare that to the cost of an in-house receptionist.

Virtual receptionists don’t take sick days, don’t require benefit payments or holiday pay.

Most virtual receptionist services will have a minimum base rate each month and then a per minute rate. So, your bill only increases as your call volume does.

Interested in learning more?

You can learn more about how Appointment Setting Services work by requesting our free 5 Minute Demo video and Price Guide here.

*Smiledog’s appointment setting service starts at $299 a month. $10 is average of a 30 day month.

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