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Book More Appointments & Earn More Revenue by Outsourcing Client Appointment Booking to a Virtual Receptionist

Missing out on potential appointment bookings because you can’t get to the phone in time can mean a lot of lost revenue by month’s end.

Worse, if it’s a new client calling to book in it’s not just this month’s revenue you lose but all the future revenue from that client as well.

What about voicemail? I can just call them back when they leave a message.

In our instant gratification society, people rarely leave voicemails anymore. Folks are more likely to find another provider and call them instead.


Deep down it’s because we don’t believe we’ll get a callback.

How can you fix this problem in your business?

It’s impossible to answer EVERY SINGLE call, even if you have a full-time receptionist in-house. So what’s the solution?

KEY TAKEAWAY: First-time callers leave voice messages less than 50% of the time and it’s inevitable that you will miss some calls, even with in-house reception staff.

Outsource your Appointment Booking

Thanks to popular online booking and scheduling applications such as MindBody Online, Cliniko, Acuity Scheduling and more it’s possible to outsource your appointment booking to a virtual reception service.

Popular Online Booking Applications

  • Cliniko
  • MindBody
  • Jane
  • Setmore
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Genbook
  • Book Fresh

Because these scheduling apps are in the cloud a virtual receptionist can be granted access to book in new appointments. Since your entire business schedule is managed all from the same app you can rest assured that you won’t ever be double booked.

Virtual Reception Handles Inbound Callers

How does your virtual receptionist know what to say when someone calls?

When you work with a virtual reception service you’re given a unique virtual phone number that is only associated with your business. When calls come in via this number your virtual receptionists know it’s for your business.

Software associates the incoming phone call to your unique number with a customized screen and specific details about your business.

Details your Virtual Receptionist has when Answering Calls

  • Business name
  • Greeting you would like announced to the caller (e.g. Thank you for calling Acme Chiro Clinic how can I help you?)
  • Staff names, phone numbers, and emails
  • Direct access to your online scheduling calendar

Your receptionist can connect the caller directly to you or a staff member, take a message and send it along via email or book the caller an appointment right on your calendar.

Sounds Great, probably Expensive Right?

Not as much as you might think. Appointment booking services can start as low as $10 bucks a day*. Not bad when you compare that to the cost of an in-house receptionist.

Virtual receptionists don’t take sick days, don’t require benefit payments or holiday pay.

Most virtual receptionist services will have a minimum base rate each month and then a per minute rate. So, your bill only increases as your call volume does.

Interested in learning more?

You can learn more about how Appointment Setting Services work by requesting our free 5 Minute Demo video and Price Guide here.

*Smiledog’s appointment setting service starts at $299 a month. $10 is average of a 30 day month.

Can my Virtual Receptionist Handle Small Tasks & Instructions for my Business?

You might be wondering what sets Smiledog apart from its competitors. After all, we’re not the only virtual reception service out there. Smiledog really approaches its role as virtual reception provider in a “full service” way. By this we mean, we want our services to be virtually indistinguishable from the services provided by an in house receptionist. Often, you would have an in house receptionist that has other duties besides answering the phone. Our receptionists are capable of handling your small tasks and special instructions while providing our high quality virtual receptionist services.

Customized Virtual Reception Services

How we handle your calls is determined mostly by you! In other words, when we begin providing services for your business, we interview with you to learn more about your business and the nature of your phone calls. This makes it possible for us to determine the best way we can answer your calls. If you want to provide us with a script, we are happy to implement it. If you don’t have any preferences, we can suggest a professional greeting appropriate to your industry. Our real goal is find ways for you to take full advantage of the services we offer.

We Do More Than Just Answer Phones

If you are using our services for answering calls, it’s possible you might also be interested in our performing more small tasks as part of our answering services. This may be of particular interest to clients interested in full time reception options. Need us to fill out a form when a client calls, and submit the form to you? We can definitely do this! When you set up services with us, we can get these forms in place so that get the information from your callers that you need.

We Book Appointments Too!

For those businesses whose calls largely are related to setting up, rescheduling, and otherwise handling appointments, we are here to help! Our services are a great option for practitioners and business owners who don’t want to deal with the added overhead of hiring a full time receptionist for appointment setting purposes. Our Smiledog virtual receptionists can answer calls and schedule appointments using real-time web based calendaring systems. We can even reschedule appointments for the day if you are sick or have an emergency keeping you away from the office.

Have Another Need Not Mentioned?

Do you have another small task that you think our virtual receptionists could do to help streamline your business? Since our services are completely customizable, bring us your idea, and we will do everything possible to meet that need. We love to find new ways to help our clients!

Learn More About How We Can Help You!

If you’re ready to learn more about the suite of options we have for our clients, call Smiledog today! We are excited to learn more about your business, and we are certain to have some great solutions to streamline your operations.

Contact us by phone today or visit our GETTING STARTED page to learn more!

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Virtual Reception and Appointment Setting for Physical Therapists

Virtual reception services have the potential to improve productivity in your physical therapy office and free you up to focus on what you do best: patient care. Smiledog offers physical therapy offices virtual reception services that are second-to-none. By choosing Smiledog for your virtual reception needs, you can grow and develop your business whether you’re experienced and established, or just starting out.

Appointment Setting For Physical Therapy Offices

One of the more simple and repetitive tasks in a physical therapy office is handling appointments. Every client must make one, and sometimes they have to reschedule them. By letting Smiledog take over this aspect of your physical therapy office, you are left with more time to focus on your patients. We use state-of-the-art web calendars that are dynamically updated instantly. You never have to worry about double-booking of patients, because the calendar is always up-to-date.

For a physical therapy office just opening its doors, establishing a client base is vital. By using virtual receptionists from the start, you get maximum productivity from any existing office staff. They can focus on the patients in your waiting room — not juggling calls and appointments.

Grow Your Business With Virtual Reception

Using virtual reception services can really ease your mind as you continue to establish and grow your practice. On those occasions when you are ill and have an emergency, you need not panic about the appointments set up for the day. Not only can Smiledog set appointments, you can direct us to call your patients and reschedule them in the event of an illness or emergency. Smiledog is always ready to accommodate your schedule, and help you keep things running smoothly at the office.

Time To Get Started?

Are you ready to use virtual reception services to improve your physical therapy office or are you interested in learning more about how we can help you? Visit our GETTING STARTED page for more information now!

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Virtual Reception and Appointment Setting Services for Massage Therapists

Virtual reception services might just be a great addition to your massage therapy office. How you can use the services depends a lot upon your needs. At Smiledog, we try to meet our clients where they are — in other words, we want to help you grow and develop your business, whether large or small. Our valuable services can help your massage therapy office grow while also improving your productivity.

Providing Virtual Reception Services For Your Growing Business

If you are running your massage therapy office on your own, Smiledog can really help you streamline things and keep your day running smoothly from patient to patient. We can take your incoming calls and schedule appointments as you treat your patients, never having to worry about missing a call or having to send anyone to voicemail. If you’re sick, we can also handle rescheduling your day, while you stay home to get well.

One of the biggest obstacles to growing your massage therapy office if often bridging that middle ground between needing a receptionist to grow your client base and having enough clients to justify hiring a receptionist. Smiledog relieves you of this stress with its affordable, scalable virtual reception services.

Dedicate Support Staff To Patient Care

For busier offices using virtual reception for appointment setting, support staff is free to focus entirely on patient care, rather than tedious appointment setting tasks. Where clients are in and out of your office daily, it’s really best to let front office staff focus on the immediate needs of in-office patients, instead of having to ask them to wait while handling a phone call. Switching to virtual reception can help your staff more fully-focus on your patients’ needs, which in turn, increases their patient satisfaction.

Time To Get Started?

Are you ready to use virtual reception services to improve your massage therapy office or just want to learn more about how we can help you? Visit our GETTING STARTED page for more information now!

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