Businesses of all kinds can benefit from the use of virtual reception, but one of Smiledog’s biggest markets has to be contractors. Busy contractors aren’t hanging around the office waiting for the phone to ring — they’re on-site, often working under pressure to meet deadlines and get the job done. That’s why virtual reception is ideal for contracting businesses — it alleviates concern that something important is going to get missed.

Virtual Reception Can Change Your Contracting Business

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that virtual reception can revolutionize the way your contracting business works from day-to-day. Working on-site, contractors are often in the middle of something when they receive a business call to their cell phone. Maybe it is a business partner, maybe a current client, or maybe it’s a new client hoping to get a bid. Each of these calls is important, but all are of different levels of urgency, especially when you’re in the middle of hanging drywall, or installing electrical wiring.

Virtual reception allows you to have calls answered live by a friendly receptionist, who can send messages or transfer calls according to your needs and wishes. This makes for much more productive day for contractors, in addition to making sure any urgent needs are always addressed as soon as possible.

Affordable, Friendly Virtual Reception

Virtual reception can solve a lot of the problems contractors have balancing work and phone calls, without the considerable cost of a dedicated in-house receptionist. If you’re a one or two-person shop, hiring a receptionist is usually cost-prohibitive. However, you can enjoy all the benefits of having one while paying a fraction of the cost.

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