A common question people ask about virtual receptionists is a very simple one: can my offsite virtual receptionist transfer live calls to me? Smiledog promotes its services as completely seamless, where callers cannot tell they’ve reached a virtual — rather than an in-house — receptionist. So, just as an in-house receptionist can transfer live calls, so too can offsite virtual receptionists. In fact, this is the default “first choice” option for answering calls.

The Smiledog Way

Smiledog has an established set of “best practices” that govern the way that our virtual receptionists handle calls. We’ve found it to be an efficient way of handling calls, while maintaining professionalism and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

When answering an inbound call, the receptionist will first “announce” the call to you. When setting up service, Smiledog gets a list of established phone lines to which you want calls routed. We’ll attempt to connect to those lines, asking first if you’re available to take the call. After we get the go-ahead, the call is transferred. Even though the call was received in our call center, it is immediately connected to you, wherever you may be.

Some clients worry about dropped calls in the midst of transferring, but rest easy! Smiledog stays on top of industry advancements. We use the best available technology that allows receptionists to simply place callers on hold for a brief moment while connecting with you.

And what if you are unavailable to answer when Smiledog tries to make contact? Smiledog receptionists take a message — callers are not simply sent to voicemail.

Screen Calls Easily And Discreetly

Smiledog services allows busy professionals to screen calls, taking important calls as needed, and taking messages for less urgent matters. Even when you don’t have time for a call, your clients leave messages with a friendly receptionist, instead of impersonal voicemail.

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