One of the most common questions that we’re asked here at Smiledog is, “How the heck do my incoming calls get to your offsite receptionist?” After all, many of our clients are not in the same city as we are. The answer may be surprising: it actually isn’t that tough at all to make this transition, and it is likely that your current phone system already has the technical capability built right in. If you’re interested in making the transition to an offsite receptionist, the transition could be as easy as changing a few programming options.

We Offer A Variety Of Options To Our Clients

We offer three types of call forwarding features, and businesses choose the option that best fits their business needs. We offer full call-forwarding, “busy” call forwarding, and “no-answer” or delayed call forwarding. Once you sign up with Smiledog services and choose your type of call forwarding, services are as easy as forwarding to your unique, dedicated Smiledog phone number you receive upon signup.

Full Call Forwarding

Full call forwarding is the solution for clients who don’t currently have in-house reception, and wish to have all incoming calls answered by our friendly receptionists. This is an easy, hassle-free setup. All you do is forward your current business line to us and leave the settings in place permanently. You go from no reception to full-service, friendly reception in a matter of hours — no reading resumes, running background checks, or haggling over hourly pay. It’s really that easy!

Busy Call Forwarding

Busy call forwarding is the next option that we offer to our clients, where the line is forwarded to Smiledog only when your line rings busy. This makes Smiledog a backup reception, ready to take the call when your current receptionist is busy with other clients. Forget missing important calls — you’ll get your messages instantly via email or text from our receptionists.

No-Answer Or Delayed Call Forwarding

The final type of call forwarding that we offer to our clients is a no-answer or delayed call forward option. In this scenario, your callers are sent to Smiledog’s receptionist after a set of rings with no answer. Most of these clients tend to have periodic episodes of high call volume, or receptionists that double as office administrators and who have duties that periodically take them away from the phones. After a number of rings that you specify — usually 3 or 4 — the call is forwarded to Smiledog. Using this option prevents missing calls (and potential new business) and relieves you of the need to hire a another person to your payroll.

If you are ready to expand and grow your business, one way to do that is to use virtual reception. We allow you to take more calls, get more messages, and book more business.

Call our office today or use our online contact form to learn more, or visit our GETTING STARTED page and sign up right now!