Smiledog Business Packages

We have several packages available based on the volume of your monthly calls. Each package includes the following:

  • Each new client is called and interviewed so we get to know your business. This allows Smiledog to personalize your telephone experience and give our “Remote Receptionists” the specific information needed to deliver messages and update daily schedules.
  • Two or three remote receptionists who work as part of your team.
  • Every call answered in your company name.
  • All messages are sent via text messaging, email or fax.
  • End of day summary, which details every message received.
  • Full access to your own “after hours” personalized voicemail service.
  • Flexibility to change packages each month to suit anticipated call volume.
  • A dedicated telephone number assigned to each client.
  • Your Remote Receptionists are available regular business hours from Monday to Friday.

Each package was created to offer the best solution to your business needs. To find out more information on these packages and prices please contact Smiledog.

Packages start from $125 per month.

Start up package:

Our start up package is ideal if you require Smiledog to answer 50-100 calls a month. If you are able to answer most of your calls and need us occasionally to take your “over flow” calls or if you need to be out of the office for short periods. This package gives you the benefit of the Smiledog service for a low monthly cost. Businesses that use this service are usually new start-ups or companies that are not sure of call volume.

Start-up Plus:

Our Start-up plus is ideal to use when you are looking for coverage during peak times when you are out of the office. This is ideal for companies with volumes of approx. 100-150 calls per month. Start-up companies and businesses which are not fully staffed during certain periods throughout the day use these packages.

Business package:

Our business package is for companies who have trouble handling a high volume of calls at peak times during the day. This package is also designed for days when staff or your receptionist is out of the office. Businesses with call volumes of 150-250 per month would be best suited for this service.

Business plus:

Business plus is for companies which receive a high volume of calls but cannot manage due to the level of staff. Smiledog can remove the stress of staff having to always answer calls as well as concentrate on their jobs. We can do this by answering the calls and distributing the messages to the relevant staff. Message volumes 250–350 per month would suit this package.

Business professional:

Business professional is best for businesses which require support on an ongoing basis due to the volume of calls they receive. Your Smiledog “Remote Receptionist” may even answer every call. All messages are prioritized so that urgent information and new opportunities are dealt with immediately.

Each Package includes:

  • Free text to mobile notification
  • Free e-mail notification of each message
  • Free call in option to talk to your “Remote Receptionist”
  • Free Fax or e-mail of all your calls at the close of the day
  • Free voicemail with each new account