Smiledog has a few key goals as a provider of virtual reception services, not the least of which is to provide services that are every bit as smooth as traditional in-house reception. After all, who wants sub-par reception services? For many of our clients, the person answering the business phone is the main “face” of the business — the first point of contact.

If you are thinking about using Smiledog for your business, you might be wondering how calls are handled when you are unavailable to take them — whether you’re out of the office, on vacation, or otherwise engaged. There are a few ways that Smiledog handles this sort of situation, with the most important factor being whether or not we know you’re out of the office.

Notifying Smiledog When Out-Of-Office

The best way to keep things quick and efficient in the handling of calls when you’re out of the office is to notify Smiledog of your absence. If we know that you’re gone for a block of time, we can automatically take the message without going through any other steps to locate you. For the convenience of your clients calling in to reach you, we always suggest you notify Smiledog when unable to take calls for a longer-than-normal period of time.

If You’re Unable To Notify Smiledog

Of course, unexpected things happen, and your virtual receptionist isn’t always foremost in your mind! Those times when you simply cannot contact Smiledog to let us know about your out-of-office status, we will answer calls according to our established best practices.

Under normal circumstances, if you receive an incoming call, Smiledog attempts to call your preferred line to announce the call to you and determine if you’re available for a transfer. If so, we proceed, and if not, we take a message and relay it immediately via email.

So, if you’re out of the office but are unable to let us know, we’ll continue answering calls as usual and sending the messages via email.

You Can Depend On Smiledog

Smiledog can handle calls when you’re out of the office, whether you’re able to let us know about the absence or not. We never want to send callers into the black hole of a voicemail, especially when you’re out of the office and unable to check it. Most people are able to access their email via home computer or smartphone, meaning you can still check your messages even when away from the office.

Call Smiledog today to discuss your business goals, and learn how we can help streamline your operations and keep things going even when you’re out of the office!