Smiledog offers businesses of all sizes services tailor-made for the scope of their operations. Virtual receptionist services are not just for small offices with a few people or for home-based businesses. Smiledog’s services are a scalable, offering full service virtual reception for larger businesses, from 10 — 100 employees. If you have many employees who each need to be able to receive calls and have messages taken, it’s no problem handling these multiple lines.

Smiledog’s Systems Are Built To Scale

Smiledog’s systems can handle multiple employee extensions or cell numbers, in addition to emails. Our established set of best practices help us to efficiently handle all incoming calls for your business. When we receive a call for one of your employees by name, we announce the call to that person’s preferred line, whether office, cell, or home. If unavailable, we’ll take the message and send it instantly to their preferred email.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you operate a law firm with 20 attorneys on staff. We would have each attorney’s name in our system, in addition to their contact information and email address. Each attorney can call in with their schedule for the day, letting Smiledog know if they’ll be in the office and available, or elsewhere with clients and needing messages taken. The only difference between Smiledog receptionists and in-house receptionists is where the receptionist is sitting.

Virtual Reception For Offices Of All Sizes

Smiledog’s reliable virtual receptionist services are scalable, working well for one-person shops all the way to busy 100-person offices. If you have a large office and are considering virtual reception, give Smiledog a call today to discuss how we can streamline your reception and simplify your office operations!